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Patchwork’s visit to Deleware Academy of Discovery

A few weeks ago, Patchwork Collective had another opportunity to follow up with Mrs. Kusak-McGuire’s 3rd grade class at Delaware School of Discovery in the near west side of Syracuse. Their class project these past few weeks had been to design and build a green home. Many of the kids showed immense imaginations and unbelievable capacity to design these complicated structures by learning and using principles of passive design, knowledge of how green technologies work, and creativity for material reuse. They even had 3-d digital models created using google sketchup software! That’s right, 3rd graders using digital modeling technology! (after a quick tutorial from Patchwork of course)

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Our experience with the students was great: we always had plenty of questions to answer from any 3 students at a time.

We’re so proud of the students work that they have done, and glad that principles of passive design and most importantly reusing materials in building construction are being drilled at such an early age. All the credit should go to Mrs. Kusak-McGuire for creating the curriculum for this project and adding several layers to the project’s complexity. We truly hope the students enjoyed this project, and who knows, with a lot of hard work and passion someday a few budding architects, engineers, and policy makers might come out of Mrs. Kusak-Maguire’s class.