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update from the sandbox.

Things here at Patchwork Collective are starting to pick up very quickly- we’re getting new jobs, and working on streamlining our internal operations. As with any start-up business, there are certain walls you’ll run into that are simply stepping stones in the right direction. We can’t wait to see where we end up come August/September (post-sandbox experience).

We’re currently working on adding some of the projects we’ve been designing/building to our website so that everyone can see the great things under development. They’re really exciting projects, so we’d like everyone to have a chance to see them. [ bikeracks, building facade renov.’s, benches, patio furniture, landscaping, you name it]

The Student Sandbox @ the Syracuse Technology Garden has been a great resource available at our finger tips. We have really been fortunate to have met so many people in just a small amount of time to start connecting the dots in our network. We’re so excited at the speed and amount of excitement in which people have embraced the ideals of Patchwork thus far. So, thanks everyone. We’re already starting to see the fruits of our labor fall into place.