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project .003 progress

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Some photos of the disassembly phase progress of our latest project .003- a decommissioned moving truck bed transformed into an outdoor roof deck garden.


project .001 completed!

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Our first project was recently finished and our other projects on the boards are continuing toroll along towards completion!

Project .001, done for a client in Liverpool was merely a table that had used some of the red oak hardwood planks taken from the Hafner’s barn mentioned in our previous blog post. We were so excited about fabricating this table because it allowed us toutilize our design knowledge to really hone in on the details at a furniture scale.  The client wanted to be able to take the table apart for the winter and reassemble it every year, so the hardware we used only requires 2 tools (a hammer and a wrench) to re/disassemble. Aside from the gorgeous wood we used for the table top, we harvested steel that had been previously holding up bleachers inManley Field House, one of Syracuse University’s athletic facilities. The history we’ve embedded within this project through the materials used was a request of the client and something that we really like about our job. We’re really happy to be able to say that the values of this table go beyond purely economic ones, it preserves many historical and archaeological values inherent in the material too.We essentially have the power to recreate/restore/preserve historical narratives that already have momentum.

There will be more pictures to come, we’ll be photographing this project when the client is done using it for the winter…

From these smaller projects, we’re starting to realize the larger our projects are, the more usable material waste we can save from going to our landfills! Sounds pretty logical don’t you think?

update from the sandbox.

Things here at Patchwork Collective are starting to pick up very quickly- we’re getting new jobs, and working on streamlining our internal operations. As with any start-up business, there are certain walls you’ll run into that are simply stepping stones in the right direction. We can’t wait to see where we end up come August/September (post-sandbox experience).

We’re currently working on adding some of the projects we’ve been designing/building to our website so that everyone can see the great things under development. They’re really exciting projects, so we’d like everyone to have a chance to see them. [ bikeracks, building facade renov.’s, benches, patio furniture, landscaping, you name it]

The Student Sandbox @ the Syracuse Technology Garden has been a great resource available at our finger tips. We have really been fortunate to have met so many people in just a small amount of time to start connecting the dots in our network. We’re so excited at the speed and amount of excitement in which people have embraced the ideals of Patchwork thus far. So, thanks everyone. We’re already starting to see the fruits of our labor fall into place.