project .001

Project .001 was a design exercise in creating patio furniture that would facilitate a communal aspect to spending time outdoors with friends and family in the warmer months of the year, while giving an opportunity to investigate design-for-disassembly methods to make the table easy to disassemble and put in storage in the cold winter months. The owner was also very interested in sourcing material from a certain building that had sentimental value- steel harvested from Manley Field House, Syracuse University’s Athletic Practice Facility. While sourcing material from other places, we were also able to collaborate with D-Build by using their marketplace to find beautifully textured solid red oak hardwood from Hafner’s barn that once stood in East Syracuse.

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The hardware we used on this table uses a similar strategy that IKEA employs- the need for only one tool to put together/take apart. All in all, this table was great fun to fabricate, as it allowed us to do somewhat of a design build process to happen, and the owner graciously entrusted some artistic freedoms to occur in the meantime.


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