our mission.

Patchwork is a community based collective that offers innovative design and development solutions that reestablish vibrant living conditions. We specialize in redesigning reclaimed building components, utilizing them to patch and revitalize decaying structures or create new ones.

Why is patchwork relevant?

Depending on the locale, our waste from construction & demolition (known as C&D waste) currently amounts to between 40-60 percent of the total waste going to landfills! The emerging deconstruction markets in Syracuse and the Central New York region currently offer very disorganized and highly decentralized ways of obtaining and reusing reclaimed building materials. These “decon” & “reuse” markets are being driven by a generational cycling of older and dying buildings at the end of their assessed life cycle-  many times these built structures only need a little patchwork to be livable and viable as a revenue source. Patchwork enters the decon industry by bridging the gap between the surplus of available decon materials and consumer’s needs.

What does patchwork have to offer?

Patchwork collective offers packages to individuals and community groups in need of vital building systems and/or smaller home improvements. We specialize in redesigning reclaimed building components re-fabricated to fit a particular project’s needs. This offers clients an alternative to using new building materials.

So how exactly does patchwork operate?

We operate as a non-profit social enterprise. Our mission at patchwork collective is simple: to provide accessible packaged design services, efficiently utilizing valuable deconstructed materials. These materials are then reinvested back into the community, preserving the sense of place, brick by brick.

What is patchwork’s projected impact on the syracuse community?

1. Conserve natural capital by diverting deconstructed and demolished building material away from landfills and seize upon significant opportunities for reinvestment back into the community.

2. Building with deconstructed materials will necessitate the need for a new line of training. This new training should create more economically resilient communities by fostering higher skilled labor and new job opportunities.

3. Develop an education and awareness campaign marketing Patchwork to potential clients and community leaders. A word-of-mouth marketing campaign would foster a large amount of small scaled opportunities within the community to bring about change from the ground up.

4. In alliance with other deconstruction industry partners/stakeholders, we hope to aid in tracking the reuse of deconstructed materials and other data by creating an open-source mapping project. By creating a singular dynamic information database we would simultaneously aide other industries with obtaining this vital information that will help bring our community and the region into the next generation of cross-industry collaboration.

5. We hope to create a sense of pride in neighborhoods through community involvement, increasing safety, health, and property values through the removal of debilitated structures, the revitalization of decaying structures, and the development of new private and public works.


If you are interested in the patchwork process, or would like to donate to our cause, please contact us here. We will respond to any questions you might have as quickly as possible. Feel free to write any comments you may have below. Feel free to follow us on any of our social networking sites.


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