Patchwork Receives Public Engagement Award

Patchwork Collective recently received an “honorable mention” award in Syracuse University’s CAPS awards! The CAPS awards are handed out by the Chancellor’s Office at Syracuse University each academic year.

“Syracuse University puts bold ideas in motion through Scholarship in Action – an educational approach that matches the vigorous pursuit of knowledge with the ability to make a difference in the world through community engagement. The Chancellor’s Award for Public Engagement & Scholarship (formerly known as the Chancellor’s Award for Public Service – CAPS), recognizes the committed students at Syracuse University who exemplify Scholarship in Action. This award acknowledges individual students, groups of students, residence halls, residences floors, student organizations, and academic projects or classes who invest themselves in and contribute to the public good. All faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate individual students and groups.”

Patchwork Collective is extremely grateful to Prof. Lair of Syracuse’s School of Architecture for nominating us for our efforts and accomplishments to this date. Without his aid, direction, and support, we’d still only be talking about Patchwork. We hope that this is only the beginning of what is to come. Thanks everyone for your support! Let us know what you think about the work we’re doing and how you see us changing or doing things differently if you have a chance.

The Spring thaw is upon us, so we’re looking to continue work and make progress on projects and expansion across the board. Wish us luck!


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