Oakland Ave. light-skim-thru

Today Patchwork met up with Greg Wright who does a great service for Habitat for Humanity’s Restore in Syracuse, NY. We met with him in the morning to finish “skimming-through” one of the last remaining houses on Oakland Ave. near ESF’s campus. To those of you who have heard, (and those of you who haven’t) the demise of this series of homes was quite controversial. Wanting to expand its living quarter capacity, ESF was faced with a very tough decision over how to take down this street of homes to make room for its planned expansion. We’re sure it was only after much deliberation and calculation that it was decided in the end it would be more “economical” to just bulldoze the properties after a light skim through allowed ReStore and other organizations to come in and salvage a minimal amount of materials. The amount of “old-growth” lumber in these properties that will now go to waste is said to be at quite a large amount (which was an extra punch-in-the-gut for proponents like us of reuse, deconstruction, historical values).

We’re happy to have taken part in the minimal amount of work that was able to have been done on this last house of Oakland Ave. Thanks Greg and Dr. John Felleman for the experience. Hope everyone has a great July 4th holiday!


One response to “Oakland Ave. light-skim-thru

  1. Thanks for the mention of the Syracuse Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I heard it was a pretty interesting project. All told we we worked for over a month and collected quite a bit of good material including electrical wire, light fixtures, and flooring. It is too bad about the “old growth” lumber however.

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