shaver bros. scrap barn

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My colleague Jimmy and I took a trip out to the Shaver Bros. scrap barn/yard this week and it was truly amazing. It was great to see someone putting such value into these often overlooked things people throw away. The variety of things that this place has been collecting over the years was great to see and it’s always good make a note of what kinds of materials he had for future projects. We are anticipating using him for several smaller scaled projects that have been coming in recently.

Keep up the great work Shaver Bros! The yard visit was great.


2 responses to “shaver bros. scrap barn

  1. Do you have a design to turnthe scraped radator into bicycle stands? You are welcome tovisit my facility. Maybe I can help.
    I am in the process of testing wind turbine for its integrity at varying speeds of the wind indoor. Let me know what your thoughts are.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your interest-

      We are looking into turning scrapped radiators into bicycle racks. Could you email us @ to give us more contact info? We’d love to stop by and check out your facilities given the chance.

      Cameron Lassiter

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